100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila. Small-batch. Wrapped in the essence of Mexico. We’re deeply passionate about the way our Tequila looks, smells, tastes, and feels. We believe that a single sip can carry you on a sensory journey to the heart of the Tequila Valley in Amatitán – where our skilled Jimadores and artisans wrap Mexico’s identity and traditions into every step of production.

What begins in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Jalisco’s Tequila Valley eventually touches your lips – offering you a full-bodied, cultural experience that can only be found within this extraordinary small-batch spirit we call Tequila Envuelto.

The Harvest

Committed Jimadores cultivate and care for the Blue Agave fields of the Tequila Valley day by day, laboring with love, respect, and passion – allowing them to mature fully and develop their distinct character before harvesting. Only after 6-8 years are the Agave plants hand-selected and harvested using the ancient tool, coa, to harvest the plants.

This is a tedious process, and not one meant for the faint of heart. The Jimadores are resilient, dedicated workers who labor for long hours under the Mexican sun and are much of the reason the Blue Agave is given such life.

The Agave leaves are then removed with the same coa tool – exposing the piña, or heart of the Agave plant, that holds the essence of the Agave used to handcraft our small-batch Tequila.


Our harvested piñas of Agave are placed in masonry ovens where they’re slowly steamed for up to 72 hours – softening their
texture and transforming their starches into sugars ideal for fermentation.


Once the piñas of Agave are cooked to perfection, their fibers are crushed to extract the Agave juices, or mosto fresco.


The extracted Agave juices travel through a slow, natural fermentation process to transform the sugars into alcohol. Only volcanic
spring water from our private estate well is used for fermentation – no additional yeast supplements the process.


After fermentation, we distill our Tequila twice, following the Tequila rules of production. Our fermented Agave juice undergoes its initial distillation in steel pots. We then distill the alcohol a second time in stainless steel pots – elevating the Tequila to 55% ABV before diluting it with our fresh volcanic spring water. All Envuelto Tequila sits at 40% ABV, 80 proof in its final state.


Tequila Envuelto Reposado (“Aged”), Añejo (“Extra Aged”), and Extra Añejo (“Ultra Aged”) rest and mature in French White
Oak Barrels to acquire their rich, earthy, herbaceous aromas and flavors.


Blanco: Cooked Agave, hints of citrus, smooth velvet, hints of minerals. Reposado: Cooked Agave, vanilla, toasted wood, hints of toffee. Matured for over 2 months in French white oak barrels. Anejo: Oak, milk chocolate, toffee, hints of spices like cinnamon. Matured for over 12 months in French white oak barrels. Extra Anejo: Dried fruit, dark chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, toasted oak, delicate smooth finish. Matured for over 36 months in French white oak bar- rels.