For many, Tequila is a part of life – an exceptional spirit renowned for its unique ability to enhance any celebration and effortlessly mix into well-loved libations.

At Envuelto, Tequila takes on a far deeper meaning. It becomes a representation of life itself, carried forward by our incredible team. With every drop that flows from the hands of our artisans, it brings the essence of Mexican culture, tradition, and artistry to the lips of those who savor it – telling a tale of community and passion with each sip.

Our Roots

Our team’s journey has been one filled with exploration and exposure to diverse cultures, but it wasn’t until we set eyes on the Agave fields in Guadalajara, Mexico – the very place where Tequila is born – that we felt sincerely captured.

With nearly 7 years needed for Agave to mature, the process requires meticulous planning and unwavering dedication. The profound passion and intention emanating from the humble Jimadores and artisans left a permanent mark on us. They were firmly rooted in their craft – clear and focused, Zen-like. They celebrated every stage of Tequila making with pride, fully embracing the finesse and essence of the product.

From here, we knew Envuelto would be much more than a spirit. It would be an experience that wraps us in the beauty of the present moment, a celebration of life’s joys, and a testament to our unyielding love for the art of Tequila.

Who We Are

Envuelto is an extraordinary result of a conscious fusion of diverse talents, skills, and expertise from all over the world. We are Jimadores, master distillers, quality control specialists, connoisseurs, bottlers, tasters, testers, marketers, entrepreneurs, designers. Every role is valued, every contribution is celebrated, and we take pride in the passion for Tequila that binds us.

Directly translating to “wrapped,” the name Envuelto originates from our desire to envelop everyone who drinks our spirit in the traditions, culture, and artistry of Mexico.

Our Beliefs

We believe that Tequila is the very essence of Mexico. By savoring the rich flavors and aromas of our spirit, one can transport to the vibrant town of Amatitán, Jalisco where our small batches are made, feel the unwavering passion of the farmers and craftsmen, inhale the cherished traditions, taste the sweetness from the Agave of Tequila Valley, and experience the power of living in the present.

Our Tequila

Small-batch. 100% Agave Tequilana Weber Blue Variety.
Our premium spirit features hand-selected Blue Agave that’s matured for 6-8 years before harvesting. Distilled, filtered and produced with volcanic spring water from our private estate well.


Our Tequilas are crafted with honesty, respect and passion – three things that, in unison, are few and far between today. As you sip Envuelto, we hope you embrace these elements and the essence of Mexico. Wrap yourself in these emotions, savor the moment, drink slowly, and salud to a life well-lived and well-loved.